Many entities have been using celebrities to promote their brands or their market segment. A good number of celebrities always have a big following and thus can be used as a tool influence in the society. When looking for the most suitable celebrity for your event PR these are some of the things you have to factor in. Read more about them on http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/celebrity-endorsements/

Target market

It is essential for every company to know its market segment. By so doing it will be able to understand their demands. By considering your target market, you will be able to come up with a suitable celebrity to create awareness in your segment. Celebrities are always treasured by different age group and also with people who have certain expertise. As a business owner, you have to know who your clients consider their idols. This will help you to the come up with the most suitable celebrity. By doing that you will be able to optimize the utility, you will get from the entire process.

Celebrity’s personality

When coming up with the best person to create awareness about your business every single business person need to consider the personality of his celebrity of choice. Some of the celebrities have created a certain personality among the public. By taking a celeb whose personality is in line with your business, you will be able to increase the sales being realized by your company in the long run. This is because the celebrity will be promoting your brand every single day because of his lifestyle. If you take the wrong person, you will end up benefiting only for a short span of time. Thus making the entire process uneconomical.


Most people always have something they like doing in their leisure time. Business persons can now use the hobbies of certain celebrities to promote their business. By doing that, the company will be in a better state of reaching a broad range of clients at a given time. By reaching a wide range of people the entity will be in a better state of increasing its sales within a short span of time. This is mainly because people who were not aware of your institution existence will be able to know about the company. Many big corporations have been using this channel to promote their goods in various parts of the globe. This is because it is affordable and also have fewer logistics.

Event PR you are trying to create

You can use a celebrity to create a perception about your business and the activities being carried out by your institution.By doing that you will be able to attract the right group of customers. In cases where you want to show that you are producing good medicine then you can use iconic doctors to promote your product. Learn how to communicate with them on http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/celebrity-endorsements/ People tend to believe what celebrities tell them within their area of expertise.
Companies selling sneakers have been using well-known athletes to promote their products. This has been very successful since such institutions have recorded high sales. For more information follow https://www.celebrityconnected.net/upcoming-events/

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Celebrity Branding Is Making A Comeback – Tips for Success


Celebrity branding

When all you want is people to get talking about your products and services, associate yourself with a celebrity with PR events. Celebrity branding is indeed making a comeback in today’s advertising. Most companies, brands, and industries are hiring well-known people to advertise their products on their behalf. Not long ago when people sought media services for products advertising but it is not as fruitful as celebrity branding. Celebrity branding involves getting a celebrity prominence to get people genuinely considering the merits of your products.

Types of celebrities

In most PR events, you will find all kinds of celebrities ranging from musicians, comedians, actors, athletes, media personalities, and even successful entrepreneurs. Read more about them on http://www.bbc.com/news/business-30392829 These celebrities are then hired to endorse and advertise your brand which of course is a boost to the product. However, it is not as easy as it sounds like a lot of effort is required for successful celebrity branding. Below are a few tips of the same.
Differentiate between celebrity branding and celebrity endorsement.
In every event you attend with a motive of product advertising, the first most thing to do is to differentiate between celebrity branding and endorsement. Celebrity endorsement is the traditional way of advertising where the celebrity is expected to say nice and positive things about a product. Though this can effective, there are better approaches to branding such as allowing the celebrity use his position to make the product more visible and make more people aware of the product by talking about it. PR events are the most suitable platforms for such advertising as they have a good attendance by people of all kinds.

Shape your campaign in and choice of celebrity branding

It is possible that you will find prominent and established brands and new products which are just starting and trying to break in the markets. Choice of celebrity is crucial when it comes to such different products. For the established products, the goal is to either expand the market share or maintain what is attained. Such brands have features that celebrities already recognize and the general public already love. For products that are trying to break the market, there may lack huge finances for advertising. To get such a product known, look for someone with a huge following on social media so that if they post about it, it will gather massive attraction.

Selecting a celebrity for a brand

Celebrity branding command a huge crowd of attendants and therefore it is important for the brand marketer to choose a celebrity carefully. Read about structure of such team on http://www.bbc.com/news/business-30392829 A brand is the most vital asset for a company and choosing the right celebrity to advertise it is equally important. The right candidate will have a positive impact on the image and the future existence of the brand. It is possible to come across the right celebrity who will increase the growth of the brand.

Advertising costs incurred

Celebrity branding differs from one personality to the other depending on their popularity. Most popular celebrities are costlier than the less popular. It is important for the marketer to calculate the costs incurred and the potential payoff expected. For more information follow https://www.celebrityconnected.net/upcoming-events/


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