Celebrity Endorsements

The Other Powerful Form Of Testimonials – Celebrity Endorsements

You can’t help but see celebrity marketing on a daily basis. You turn on the TV and there is a footballer promoting hair care products or an actor on a commercial for cereal or the next best car! There are hundreds of celebs right now endorsing products worldwide and it’s quite an unusual avenue. However, in recent times, celeb endorsement has proven to be popular and even though celeb marketing might not sound overly appealing it has potential.

Offering More Credibility

If you are worried about gaining more credibility or are looking to ensure people look at your products with a trustworthy eye then celebrity endorsements are useful. These can help offer a real or honest testimonial and from someone the customers are familiar with. Let’s be honest, testimonials can be faked by businesses all the time by so-called customers leaving positive feedback but with celebs, they can’t fake them. Also, you have to remember, celebs aren’t going to want their name associated with any rubbish brands out there so they are less likely to endorse an untrustworthy company. Celebrity marketing helps others to see you in a new light.

Should Celebrity Endorsements Be Used?

You might not think an endorsement from a local or well-known celebrity is necessary and yet it really has shown itself to be pretty worthwhile. OK, so some customers will say the celebs are being paid to use certain products or to say such things, but in many cases, they aren’t. Also, many celebrities use the products they’re endorsing (from make-up to face creams and even watches and cars) and if they didn’t think they were good enough they wouldn’t endorse them. Celebrity marketing is great and if you can find a celebrity who uses your products and likes what they see then it can work for you. In a way, celeb endorsements should be used as long as they work for you.Get full post from http://www.paraffindesign.com/are-celebrity-endorsements-good-or-bad/

Are Your Products More Likely To Be Used With A Celeb Testimonial?

Celebrity EndorsementsTestimonials are great and they can come in all forms but unfortunately regular testimonials aren’t often paid too much attention. The reason why is simply because there have been cases in which businesses and companies who want to establish a brand have used testimonials which aren’t exactly true. Now, what they claim may be true but you can’t be sure which is why celebrity endorsements are greatly used. However they are the other form of testimonials and are very powerful indeed. It is celebrity marketing in a new way. Yes, celebs are the ones endorsing it so it gives them publicity but it also gives your product the publicity and if people see celebs using it, they’re likely to use it too.

Celebrity Marketing Is a Useful Tool

Getting a celeb endorsement is perfect whether you’re advertising a new product, a book or just trying to win an election! Celebrities are powerful assets when it comes to swaying people because each celeb has a following and if they can get those people to persuade others to use or vote for something then it’s more powerful than any other advertisement method. Celebrity marketing isn’t something to shy away from, so don’t!…

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