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Are Celebrity Endorsements Good or Bad

From a gift suite to thousands of dollars, celebrity endorsements can cost a business a fortune! Endorsements have really taken off in recent years and it can prove very effective to those who are interested in raising the profile of their service or product. However, are celeb endorsements really the best avenue? That is a question on many a mind and you might be surprised with what the answer is.continue reading..

The Character of the Celeb Can Reflect In Sales

You have to remember, when it comes to answering the question whether celeb endorsements are good or bad, it may come down to the character of your chosen celebrity. If you choose a celeb who doesn’t have a good reputation, whether it’s because they’ve had a recent affair or have had lots of negative publicity, then it’s going to reflect in your sales of products. However, that being said, if the character is really positive and it’s a worldwide loved celeb, it really could prove useful. Celebrity marketing is powerful and can be hugely successful as long as the character of the celeb is fairly impressive. Opting for a celeb just because he or she asks for a low fee may not always be the best for you personally.

The Audience Plays It’s Part

good marketingCelebrities can absolutely help make a product more appealing but potentially to only a select few. Audiences can have feelings towards certain celebrities whether it’s the fact they don’t like their celebrity status or disliked them being splashed on front covers of magazines around the world and that may affect sales. If the audience dislikes one particular celeb then they may be discouraged not to use them entirely and vice versa. That is why you have to think about who you ask to endorse. If the celeb isn’t widely liked then the product may not pick up in sales. It may have only cost a gift suite but if not, then you lose a lot of money.

There Is both Good and Bad To Come From Celebrity Endorsements

To be honest, celebrity marketing via endorsements can be great, but they can also be bad! There will be times when the celeb you choose proves effective and other times when the celeb and the marketing campaign miss the mark. It is a possibility but it is like that in almost every marketing strategy. However, it will come down to the people you choose and the way you portray their views. If you go all-out and get a nice and subtle TV or Internet advert then it could be very positive; but if you don’t market the endorsement well then it could be a disaster. That is why you need a good marketing strategy otherwise the celeb endorsement could fail. Read on to get more, visit today!

Your Choice

Celebrity endorsements are questionable terms. For many they will say it’s the best method to increase the profile over their upcoming products and services and for others, they don’t find them to be overly useful. The truth is it’s hard to know whether a celeb endorsement will work for you personally until you use it. Good or bad? Well, they can be both and if celebrity marketing is done correctly it can be very effective.